Dear 8,

Please go tell your aunt how scared you are to keep eating. She might be the only one who listens.

Dear 12,

I’m so sorry that you feel uncomfortable in all of your clothes. I’m even more sorry that nobody was there to hug away some of that discomfort.

Dear 15,

It’s been over a week since you even looked at turkey and potatoes. You need to start eating again. Please.

Dear 19,

Working retail during Black Friday is not an excuse to restrict all day. Refusing to  sit down and instead “powering through” your scheduled break does not make you a better employee.

Dear 21,

I’m proud of you for trying. And I forgive you for falling back on behaviors to survive this holiday. I promise that someday it’ll get better.

Dear 26,

This is “someday.” Things have gotten better. Enjoy some time with your family, but remember that it’s okay to find way more joy in coming home alone and snuggling with your dog and a cup of coffee.

You made it through Thanksgiving 2019. Did you thrive? Great! Celebrate that success.

Or did you barely survive? Also great! You’re here to tell about it and are finally able to show yourself some grace and forgiveness.

Remind 9 that there are so many people in your life who are there to listen. Spend all day in clothes that make 12 finally feel comfort. Cook 15\’s favorite dinner and take 19 out shopping. And lastly, be patient with 21, for she did not know how great life was about to get.

Regardless of what you do, you still need to eat breakfast.

This is for anyone waking up on the Friday after Thanksgiving and wondering what the hell to do. I am sending all my love your way.