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Yellowbrick Consultation & Treatment Center

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Yellowbrick Consultation & Treatment Center

Yellowbrick provides an Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Service for emerging adults within the Chicago area and from across the nation who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and atypical eating disorder syndromes including some cases of Binge Eating Disorder. Yellowbrick is not a primary weight loss or obesity treatment center though we are skilled at managing weight loss and/or obesity as it presents with other psychiatric conditions. As the Eating Disorder Service is embedded in an intensive psychiatric treatment center, co-morbid psychiatric disorders and substance abuse in addition to the eating disorder can be addressed and treated within Yellowbrick.

There are four levels to the Eating Disorders Treatment Service:

Level 1: The Assessment

Level 2: Medical and Nutritional Stabilization

Level 3: Stabilization of Behavioral Problems

Level 4: Psychological Treatment and Support

Yellowbrick recognizes the need for alternative developmental platforms for those emerging adults who cannot move forward on campus, in an independent apartment or with family at home. The Residence offers around the clock support and membership in the Yellowbrick community while emerging adults work within The Life Strategies Program (LSP) and productive activity (school, work, community service) within Evanston, a suburb of Chicago. For more information on this transitional housing option, refer to

Specialties & Programs

  • Eating Disorder IOP
  • Core Competence Services
  • Psychiatric Home Health Service
  • Life Strategies IOP
  • Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Center for Clinical Neuroscience

Eating Disorder Evening IOP

Emerging adults who are needing support and skill-based recovery but who are not involved more comprehensively within Yellowbrick  are eligible to participate in the The Eating Disorder Evening IOP. A 10 week commitment is required. Yellowbrick insists upon absolute confidentiality. Patients may enroll in the Eating Disorder Group Program while receiving treatment services from other professionals in the community.

The Eating Disorder Group Program meets Thursdays in the late afternoon from 3:00-6:15 pm with the following format:

  1. Experiential Therapy
    Art Therapy with Betty Wolff MA, ATR emphasizes the importance of accessing emotions through non-verbal experiences and emotionally arousing techniques, which focus on the relationship of the body, self and the eating disorder. This alternates with mindfulness, meditation and self-soothing experiences with Embodied Arts Specialist Eliza Hoffman.
  2. Goals & Strategies Dinner Group
    The group eats together with the Registered Dietician Ilene Wynn RD, LD. The goal is to have an enjoyable and successful meal experience; socializing, receiving/offering support as indicated and attempting to enact one’s individual food plan goals. Goals from the previous week and the experience of efforts to achieve them are discussed and strategies reviewed.
  3. Interpersonal Group TherapyThis group, led by Jill Sisler, LCSW explores the experiences within oneself and those relationship experiences that contribute to the origin and sustenance of the eating disorder. Patients discuss their relationships both within and outside the group and their feelings about their struggles in treatment.

Clients Include

Emerging adults ages 18-30 years old with inclusion of their families, and participating professionals.

For more information contact Dr. Yi at 847 869-1500 ext 233.


One Rotary Center, 1560 Sherman Ave, Suite 400, Evanston, IL 60201


Phone: (866) 364-2300 ext 233

Insurance Accepted

Yellow brick does accept insurance. Please refer to Finances information as well as fees, services, and authorization at