University of Arizona

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University of Arizona

1224 E Lowell St
Tucson   85719

(520) 621-3334

Eating Disorder Screening

Currently Not Available

Counseling Center Therapist

Jan Courtney, M.A, M.ED, L.P.C., Coordinator of Eating Disorder Services

Counseling Center Support / Therapy Group

Campus Eating Disorder Awareness & Recovery Group (C.E.D.A.R). Jan Courtney, MA, Med, LPC, Coordinator of Eating Disorder Services, CAPS (Counseling & Psych Services), Campus Health Services

On-Campus Dietitian / Nutritionist

Gale Welter Coleman, MS, RDN, CEDRD, CSSD, CSCS, Sarah Marrs, RDN, and Christy Wilson, RDN are available for individual nutritional counseling for eating disorder recovery

ADDRESS: Campus Health Services, 1224 E Lowell St, Tucson, AZ 85719
PHONE: (520) 621-9202
EMAIL: Currently Not Available

On-Campus Medical Staff

There are psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and physicians who are a part of the Campus Health Services Eating Disorders Team available for psychiatric and/or medical evaluation and/or medication management. Please visit Counseling & Psych Services  to speak with a Triage Counselor who can then refer for an initial evaluation with appropriate professionals on staff.

ADDRESS: Counseling & Psychological Services, 1224 E. Lowell St. Tucson, AZ
PHONE: Medical appointments can be made directly by calling (520) 621-9202)
EMAIL: Currently Not Available

On-Campus Eating Disorder Outreach Programs

The Body Smart Initiative is a student led program that provides body positive workshops, events, and discussion series on campus throughout the academic year. Gale Welter Coleman and Jan Courtney Body Smart Co-Directors

Research Labs

Currently Not Available

University Eating Disorder Program

Currently Not Available

ANAD Services

On Campus, In-Person Support Group:
Currently Not Available

Nearby, In-Person Support Group:
Currently Not Available

ANAD Recovery Mentorship Program
ANAD Helpline
ANAD Online Support Group
ANAD YouTube Recovery Channel