Hidden Rivers provides residential eating disorder treatment for girls, adolescents, and young women. We strive to remain a knowledgeable and well- trained staff who effectively utilize an evidenced-based treatment approach emphasizing daily education and practical skills training along with frequent family involvement. We believe that recovery is possible. We are dedicated to guiding patients to believe they can achieve full recovery, experience healthy relationships, and achieve successfully productive lives.

What sets us apart

Our interdisciplinary team members collaborate to provide a multi-faceted treatment approach.

Treatment Models

Hidden River is the first residential eating disorder treatment center to provide care in New Jersey.Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience within all eating disorder treatment levels of care. Hidden River programs are led by Certified Eating Disorder Specialists with multiple decades of eating disorder experience. The medical care is overseen by doctors who are experts in the field of child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry with specialties in anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and severe mental illnesses. The facility resides on 12 acres of beautifully managed grounds located in central New Jersey’s rolling hills. Hidden River provides a comprehensive specialty program including medical and nutrition support, psychological education with practical skills training, and social activities to support the recovery and healing of girls and young women struggling with eating disorders and related mental health disorders. Our multidisciplinary team provides a compassionate evidence-based goal-oriented approach to guide patients in their healing process. An atmosphere preserving the individual’s dignity while they overcome very serious illnesses is exhibited by each staff member throughout treatment. We focus on addressing the specific medical, psychiatric, and psychological symptoms and their correlating behaviors with patience. Family involvement is central to a patient’s treatment at Hidden River. It begins on the day of the patient’s arrival with a facility orientation tour, education, and the beginning of weekly family therapy. The parents will receive weekly updates from various members of the treatment team. The features of the family therapy program are specifically designed through consideration of each family’s needs using the same dignified and thoughtful delivery shown to the patient.

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We provide residential eating disorder treatment for girls, adolescents, and young women utilizing an expert, compassionate treatment team emphasizing family involvement. We offer a beautifully designed facility in a peaceful, natural environment conducive to recovery and healing.

Co-Occurring Disorder Specialties

Please note that treatment for a co-occurring condition may be simultaneous and within the same treatment approach provided for eating disorder care. However, recovery from one disorder does not guarantee recovery from another disorder, so it is imperative to seek help for both.
Self-Injuring Behavior
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Substance Abuse

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Insurance coverage will be verified as the first step of the admission process. Once that is complete, the family will be provided with information and a financial breakdown of deductibles and maximum out of pocket costs. Hidden River accepts most insurances. We negotiate Single Case Agreements with most insurance carriers allowing patients to use their in-network benefits for treatment. The admission team is available to answer initial insurance questions.

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