Anxiety Experts has offices in Santa Monica, Goleta, Ventura, and Montecito, as well as virtual outpatient and Virtual Intensive Outpatient (VIOP) Treatment. Our team is specialized in treating anxiety, panic, social phobia, school refusal, OCD, PTSD, BDD, and disordered eating. These problems rob one's sense of freedom, confidence and self-worth. We treat these issues with a type of CBT called Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), and Medical Nutrition Therapy from a Registered Dietician as appropriate. We have helped hundreds of adults and kids master their fears; research shows in-person and live video to be equally effective!

What sets us apart

Anxiety Experts is proud to offer a Concierge Virtual Athlete Program. Our concierge programming for athletes provides personalized treatment for anxiety and eating concerns, working around demanding travel and practice schedules. Our team of specialized therapists and dietitians support high-level competitors or performers who struggle with anxiety related problems, including generalized anxiety, panic, OCD, body dysmorphia, disordered eating or under-fueling for sport.

Treatment Models

Research has established Exposure Therapy to be the most effective treatment for anxiety. The ERP methods help you manage anxiety by eliminating the avoidance behaviors or compulsions that worsen it. For more severe anxiety or disordered eating, a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program is available, consisting of 11 hours of programming per week. Our compassionate exposure therapists will help you understand the nature of anxiety and how you are currently causing it to grow. You will undergo exposure in a graduated, repeated manner with our frequent coaching until you have mastered all of your fears and are actively pursuing the life you want!


Athletes Toddler, Children (6 to 10), Preteen, Teen, Adults, Elders (65+)

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CenCalCigna and EvernorthKaiserMHN | Health Net We are often able to establish single-case agreements with insurance on a case by case basis for outpatient therapy and our Virtual IOP.

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