Virtual PHP/IOP offer an immersive treatment experience for adults of all genders who are ready for more autonomy in their recovery and create a sense of community within each client's home environment.

What sets us apart

Everyone's eating recovery journey is unique. That's why our programs are adaptive, holistic*, and designed to meet each client where they are in their recovery. We believe treatment should meet each client where they are in recovery.

Treatment Models

Alsana is strengthening its current therapeutic approach (which includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)) with the addition of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) – a method proven effective in shame reduction and trauma treatment. CFT promotes mental and emotional healing by helping clients replace internalized shame and self-criticism with acceptance and self-compassion. It also aids in the cultivation of mood management and relational skills and is proven effective not only in the treatment of eating disorders but in treating common comorbidities such as anxiety and depression. Substantial resources have been invested organization-wide to support its seamless integration. “Alsana’s mission to expand access to holistic, transdiagnostic, and evidence-based eating disorder treatment is supported by our commitment to data-driven care and a culture that cultivates compassion, The Therapeutic Dimension works in concert with the Medical, Nutritional, Relational, and Movement Dimensions of the Adaptive Care Model, the blueprint for Alsana’s holistic, evidence-based approach to eating disorder care. It seeks to facilitate healing in all areas of clients’ lives and continues to achieve industry-leading outcomes.

Key Programs

ED-DMT1, also known colloquially as "Diabulimia," is one of the most dangerous and least understood eating disorder diagnoses. Alsana's diabulimia treatment program provides life-saving care for adults struggling with eating disorders and diabetes.

Two-Week Intensives- Relapse Prevention Support Recovering from an eating disorder is not a linear journey; almost everyone struggles in their recovery from time to time. Having a relapse prevention plan is an integral part of maintaining recovery and ensuring that temporary setbacks and lapses don’t escalate. Two-Week Intensives are designed to help clients nourish their hard-earned recoveries and get back on track. Alsana offers virtual and in-person Two-Week Intensives for PHP/IOP.

Vegan Programming is just another reflection of our commitment to being adaptive and inclusive for all clients. At Alsana, we recognize that all clients deserve a safe and welcoming community to begin or continue their recovery journey. Our Adaptive Care Model® embraces the personal story of each client, including those who are ethically vegan.


Alsana is an eating recovery community and treatment provider that helps adult clients of all genders achieve lasting eating disorder recovery and whole health.

Co-Occurring Disorder Specialties

Individuals with eating disorders often have symptoms of other conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or substance abuse. While our primary focus at Alsana is to address the eating disorder, we recognize that an integrated treatment for co-occurring conditions is important for long-lasting impact towards an overall recovery.

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We know you have a lot to consider when exploring eating disorder treatment options. Our team wants to help make the first steps of your recovery journey even easier so you can focus on healing. If you have questions about insurance or any other part of the admissions process, our team is here to help 24/7. Learn more: https://www.alsana.com/insurance/

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