As I sit here thinking about what I could possibly write regarding Thanksgiving, I am both over and underwhelmed. This is now my third year writing as ANAD’s blog manager and again I am daunted with the task of writing on how to survive, arguably, the most triggering holiday for someone who is tackling eating disorder recovery. And I have shared multiple posts (links below) on how I approach this holiday- lots of support, self-care, and compassion. This all still remains true, but for this post, I want to keep it short. And I want to focus on gratitude. Thanksgiving, and life for that matter, is not about the food. It’s about counting our blessings and keeping that gratitude year round.

So this year, I encourage you all to take a few minutes and name 4 things you are thankful for
and then share those things on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Once you have named your 4
things, tag 4 of your friends and encourage them to do the same! Make sure to use the hashtag

I’ll get this started!
1. My bed. Nothing quite beats the feeling of warm blankets and comfy pillows. Rest is
something that my ED took away from me, but as I continue to live in recovery, allowing
my body and mind to relax is one of my top priorities.
2. My therapist. Anyone who has met me knows how real the gratitude for my therapist is. She
makes me feel safe, heard, and like I never have to go through anything alone.
3. My clients. In turn, being a counselor is one of the greatest gifts. My clients teach me
more than any textbook could and remind me that everyone just needs someone to
believe in them.
4. My yoga mat and running shoes. These give me strength and remind me just how
magical my body actually is. Even on my hardest days in recovery, I can find comfort in
being able to move, nourish, and live within my body.


So go forth and conquer, dear recovery community.

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Written and contributed by Megan Rose.