If anyone is like me, this time of year is particularly stressful on my body, mind, and wallet! Trying to find a balance of giving the \”perfect\” gifts and not trying to break the bank is HARD! Like trying to find time to hide the Elf on the Shelf while baking cookies and getting your kids to smile for Santa, HARD! I often find that some of the most meaningful gifts I have received are those that keep giving; ones without batteries or a shelf life.

So this year, I encourage you all to consider giving the gift of recovery. We at ANAD offer countless and FREE support services, all of which are possible thanks to your donations! Below is the breakdown of where your gracious donations go, showing you just how important YOU are in the recovery of others.

And for those of you who I know are hustling to get that last minute online shopping done, head over to www.smile.amazon.com! This is probably the easiest of ways to give the gift of recovery all year round! Simply choose ANAD as your beneficiary and a portion of your purchase will be donated! This is completely FREE and requires you to do nothing more than continue that online shopping that everyone loves!

No matter how big or how small, any and everything counts. What may seem like a small donation could end up giving someone the gift of a healthy, happy, and ED free life.

Head on over to https://staging2.seanm205.sg-host.com//donate-to-anad/ now!

Written and contributed by Megan Rose.