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Things I No Longer Worry About

By November 5, 2020ANAD Blog

Things I No Longer Worry About

I am an anxious person. Many of us are. It’s just one of the traits many people with a history of eating disorder have in common. In fact, not worrying is just something I have accepted that I (with the support of friends and professionals) will have to continuously work on.

But in my eating disorder, things were much worse. I worried about everything. Especially when it came to food, body or what people thought of me.

I can remember sitting in my car outside of my gym, panicked because I was too ashamed to go in out of fear that the receptionist would acknowledge that I had skipped my workout the previous day. In hindsight, it seems ridiculous that this stranger who sees hundreds of people a week, would notice, let alone care that I missed a day. But at the time, this was very real to me. So real, I was frozen with fear.

Now, I rarely think twice about what someone thinks about my appearance, lifestyle or eating habits. My anxiety is still there; but I am very happy to say that panic attacks are a rare occurrence.

What about you? Are there things you no longer worry about? Can you remember a worry or fear from your past that you are proud to say no longer controls you?

-Written by Giva Ann Wilkerson