What Loss Has Taught Me About Life.

I think we can agree that 2020 has not been the start of a new decade we expected. And though the pandemic and killer bees scare me as much as the next person, what I wake up everyday wondering is who am I going to lose next. Who will I receive a phone call, text […]

If I had a dime…

… for every time I heard someone say “I can’t wait for things to go back to normal…” I’d be able to afford the amount of canned goods and Clorox wipes I’ve been buying. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve said it too and (not so) secretly still wish it. But the fact of the […]

How Am I Expected To Stay In Recovery During A Pandemic?!

As I settled into my mat this afternoon, my yoga instructor encouraged us all to focus our intentions onto letting go of something we have been gripping onto. I closed my eyes, brought my hands to my heart, and started crying. I was alone and in my bedroom, not at the studio surrounded by the […]

Holi-Do’s and Don’ts

Do ask me how I am feeling. Don’t comment on what I am wearing or how my body looks. Do engage me in conversation about my goals and hobbies. Don’t walk on egg shells around me just because you know I may feel overwhelmed by the food that surrounds us. Speaking of food, DON’T ask […]

You Still Need To Eat Breakfast.

Dear 8, Please go tell your aunt how scared you are to keep eating. She might be the only one who listens. Dear 12, I’m so sorry that you feel uncomfortable in all of your clothes. I’m even more sorry that nobody was there to hug away some of that discomfort. Dear 15, It’s been […]

There Is No Room For Shame On My Dinner Plate.

\”I am thankful for my struggle, for without it I would not have stumbled across my strength.\”  These are the words that keep me grounded throughout the holidays. Every time the last Thursday of November rolls around I feel my eating disorder trying to creep back up from the depths of recovery it\’s been buried […]