Recovery Story #31: One Day I Will Have The Strength To Fully Let Go.

I was sexually assaulted as a child and teen. But ultimately, I was left with an abundance of shame and guilt over my body. I felt the need to have some kind of control over my body, which was found through food. Secondary trauma was what brought me back into my eating disorder. From a […]


I watch myself in the mirror, looking down from head to toe. I see imperfections, but they are small and insignificant. I look into the mirror once more, I see a person, who is neither slight nor heavy framed. Wide hips, a large chest, a soft and squishy stomach, and a bottom to match; What […]

Connecting With ANAD

This wasn’t my plan.   From the time I was six, I experienced and internalized anger, panic, paranoia, and hyper-reactivity. I became like a pinched balloon, plump, filled to the verge of popping. If any air was let out, it was only enough to be able to seal the knot holding it in. Like that […]

Weight Culture Escapes No One.

I\’ve been going through some new medical problems and as a result, I gained some weight and am bloated. So one night I went to the mall with my husband to get properly fitting dress pants for work so I could be comfortable. I found several pairs I liked (which is great because, really, who […]