Winning the Battle Against Anorexia

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I first developed my eating disorder at the start of high school. My parents were recently divorced, I was entering a very different stage of my life, and I was battling depression and anxiety daily. I can\’t remember exactly when I noticed I had unhealthy eating habits, but I do remember going 3 or 4 […]

Worth Fighting For

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I believe my eating disorder was related to a few factors. I had been fat as a child since I was in first grade. I had been so hurt in being made fun of and felt so isolated and unloved for who I was. I came to a place in Jr. High when I couldn\’t […]

Addressing Eating Disorder Behaviors During the Pandemic

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For the estimated 30 million Americans suffering from an eating disorder, coping with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic is proving an exceptional challenge. \”Those who tend to restrict may respond to recommendations to stay home by avoiding the grocery store, and feeling like they have good reason not to eat,\” explains Elizabeth Hamlin, MD, MA, […]

Living Proof of Recovery

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Shira Charpentier is the founder of the nonprofit Living Proof MN, which is a peer-based program that supports those working towards recovery from their eating disorders and offers hope, inspiration, and lived experience. LPMN offers mentoring, peer-led support groups, groups for supporters, meal support, education and resources, as well as a unique family style live-in […]

The One Where We Talk About COVID.

I distinctly remember my first virtual session I had with my therapist back in the beginning of quarantine. I remember feeling a sense of disconnection and fear as I had to accept that this was going to be our reality for the foreseeable future. But above all, I remember the conversation we had. Seeing as […]

What I Truly Gained… Take 2.

*Trigger Warning: This post contains talk of numbers and scales.* It was nearly a year and a half ago when I openly admitted to y\’all that despite being in a good place with my recovery, I lost my ever loving mind when a doctor told showed me that I had gained 20 pounds in 2 […]

Awash with Uncertainty – How do We Cope?

Sponsored blog post: We at ANAD are thankful to Kirsten Muller-Daubermann, Community Relations Specialist, at Timberline Knolls for sharing this post with us! Uncertainty seems to be the only thing certain, as of late. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, much of what seemed predictable, certain and “normal,” has evaporated, and the […]


I don’t like the word lie, so I preferred to say omission. It just seemed easier. In the very same way, it seemed easier to turn a blind eye every single time I would write he instead of she in all of my poems. Two years. It has been two years of hopeless dates, hiding the truth, and faking […]

Five healthy ways to use screen time during COVID-19  

Sponsored blog post: We at ANAD are thankful to Elizabeth Hamlin, MD. at Rogers Behavioral Health for sharing this post with us! Too much screen time can have a negative effect on mental health. However, during the COVID-19 crisis when social distancing and isolation are necessary, we are being asked to intentionally avoid having the […]

Finding Courage during Uncertain Times

Sponsored blog post: We at ANAD are thankful to EDCare for sharing this post with us! Many of our lives have experienced a considerable shift in the past few months. Work, celebrations, trips to the grocery store, and spending time with the people you love might look a little different right now. The one thing […]