Recovery Story #31: One Day I Will Have The Strength To Fully Let Go.

I was sexually assaulted as a child and teen. But ultimately, I was left with an abundance of shame and guilt over my body. I felt the need to have some kind of control over my body, which was found through food. Secondary trauma was what brought me back into my eating disorder. From a […]


I watch myself in the mirror, looking down from head to toe. I see imperfections, but they are small and insignificant. I look into the mirror once more, I see a person, who is neither slight nor heavy framed. Wide hips, a large chest, a soft and squishy stomach, and a bottom to match; What […]

Weight Culture Escapes No One.

I\’ve been going through some new medical problems and as a result, I gained some weight and am bloated. So one night I went to the mall with my husband to get properly fitting dress pants for work so I could be comfortable. I found several pairs I liked (which is great because, really, who […]