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Recovery Story #7: It Spread Like Wildfire.

By August 25, 2017April 6th, 2020ANAD Blog

In sixth grade, my three best friends started a rumor that I was pregnant. At the time I was going to a super small school of only 200 people that have been my classmates since pre-k. The rumor, it spread like wildfire and the whole school was in on it within hours. Because more than one person started spreading it, everyone believed it and I became helpless; I could not find a way to prove to my classmates that it wasn’t true. So I started a new wildfire. I decided that the only way to show the world this rumor was false was to change my body and bury myself into my eating disorder.

My road to recovery was not easy and was spent in residential and IOP programs; all out of state and away from the people that were most important to me. But throughout my treatment, I realized that I have a bright future ahead of me. I am going to be graduating high school this year, attending nursing school in the fall, and my boyfriend and I plan on spending the rest of our lives together. I knew that my eating disorder had no place within those plans, and so though it is difficult, I continue choosing recovery.

I want others to know that recovery is challenging. It certainly is not linear. But I promise it is worth it. I want others to look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful and I am worth it.” Perfect is not possible, but recovery is.

I have sparkling green eyes, am 17 years old, and am finally full of life and laughter.