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Recovery Story #5: I Run For Those Who No Longer Can.

By August 11, 2017April 6th, 2020ANAD Blog

Being an athlete I was always surrounded by beautiful, fit women and I quickly became obsessed with comparing myself to them. I was in a mentally abusive relationship and my family was in the middle of a nasty divorce. Throughout all of this, my self-worth was being questioned and a wave of depression washed over me as I was 800 miles away from those closest to me.

I was the one who chose treatment. I checked myself into a facility and my life was changed. My mom has been a huge support for me and she is always looking for ways that she can help. But while I was in treatment, I met some of my biggest supports and advocates, whom I’m not sure I’d be here without.

I began to realize that I was more than how a boy treated me. I finally understood that I am beautiful in my own way and that God created me in his own image and that was enough. I realized that I am more than my eating disorder and that I have so much more to offer to the world. You may be in a very dark place, but you need to know that there are people who love you. Reach out to those who are willing to lend you a hand; let them show you how beautiful you are.

I started my own campaign. Since running was a factor of what caused my eating disorder I wanted to find a way for it to become something that I loved again. I created a blog where I run for those who no longer can. I wanted to give running a purpose other than my eating disorder.

I am a 20-year-old D1 Cross Country and Track Runner.