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Recovery Story #29: Nothing Can Be Taken For Granted After This Experience.

By October 26, 2018April 6th, 2020ANAD Blog

Life, you’ve taught me to survive. I proved that I know how to be a fighter, capable of standing on my own in crisis situations, not giving up until I find a solution. And, life, you’ve taught me to grow. I was a quiet girl, afraid to show myself to the world, to stand up for myself and to show my real me. But I did that as well.

I spent quite a long time questioning why you had me face such a difficult challenge at only 15 years old. I found myself wondering if it was my own fault, somehow? Did I do something wrong? Was this my punishment? Or were you trying to prevent me from doing something horrible? Maybe you did it without a particular reason? Maybe I was just one of those unlucky ones chosen to live a horrible life? Ultimately, it’s not important why – it happened and now it can’t be changed.

I will forever be someone who spent nine youthful years battling Anorexia. Now it doesn’t really matter. I turned a new page in my life and life with Anorexia is just a passing memory.  At one moment, my life came crashing down, like a house of cards, and at 15 I really didn’t know how to put it back together. I had to grow up quickly, take my thinking a notch higher, as that was the only way to look inside myself and solve my problems. And even though it sounds simple, it was far from it.

Sometimes, I am proud of myself that I was able to carry all this pain and that despite all the sadness I found a spark of hope that my life could one day become happy again. And every day I am grateful that I chose to fight, even though I knew that it wouldn’t be easy. Because life truly became beautiful!

So, life, I now know and understand why you had me face this challenge: because it taught me to appreciate and be grateful for so many things. But I must say that you chose to give this lesson in a most horrible and painful way. Nothing can be taken for granted after this experience. Lying on a beach with a boyfriend by my side? The best experience ever! Coming home and being welcomed by a thousand and one licks by my puppy? Something so nice that it makes me emotional every time! Laughing at a silly joke with my best friend? Or complaining about being overworked with co-workers? I love it all! All this has to be a part of my life, and I am grateful for it. All these are reasons that prove to me over and over again that it is worth fighting.

Life, today I believe that you have a plan and know exactly how many challenges you can put in front of every individual. Not too many, not too few. Exactly the amount they can handle. And we all need to be aware of this. Every challenge we face, we can overcome – we just need to want it enough and put in tremendous effort. And believe me, the final victory is so very sweet! Trust me. At this very moment, I am savoring it. You can read about the challenge I faced and my struggle to overcome it in my book. You can find a free chapter by visiting the following link:

I am a girlfriend, dog mom, and author who lives in Slovenia.