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ANAD is always looking for additional volunteers to join our team! If you think you’d be a good fit as a peer mentor or support group leader, join us in sharing the experience of providing support for those in need.

Our Peer Support Mentorship Program pairs mentees with ANAD trained, fully recovered, peer mentors. The mentorship experience has allowed people to feel supported and understood by someone who has a shared lived experience. As you can see in the following testimonials, both the mentor and the mentee mutually benefit from the experience.

Peer Support Program Participants Share their Stories


\”I signed up to be an ANAD mentor to provide hope, support, and inspiration to a mentee impacted by an eating disorder. Having had my own eating disorder, I also wanted to be a role model with the message that being fully recovered is possible.I could have never anticipated the joy I would experience during my time as a mentor.ANAD has supported me in so many ways and matched me with a mentee that was going through a similar recovery journey that I had walked.  I am currently mentoring an amazing mentee that I support, encourage, and motivate as she gets stronger in her recovery.

\”What I didn’t realize when I signed on to be an ANAD mentor is that I receive so much more from my mentee than I give. I have been handed a gift of gratitude as I see the strength, dedication, and trust that my mentee continues to show. ANAD has given me a platform to pursue my passion of helping others impacted by eating disorders.\”
-Oriana Laflamme, Mentor

\”A year ago, right before Co-Vid, I was ending a 6-month IOP program. I had a bad mentor experience 6 years ago with another organization but decided I would give it another try. I reached out to ANAD and was matched with my mentor. I was skeptical, at first, but after a couple weeks that skepticism was gone. I could not have been matched with a more perfect mentor. We are so much alike, it is scary. She understood me, on a deeper level than anyone else. It is one year later, and I wouldn’t be as far as I am without her. She has been there for me throughout the entire pandemic. She has encouraged and pushed me to keep moving forward. She has also been my cheerleader when I do the hard things, in recovery. I trust her with my life and have no hesitation being vulnerable and honest. It is like I have known her forever. I thank ANAD for matching us and facilitating what has been the best experience.\”
-Amanda, Mentee

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At ANAD we understand the power of peer support. Throughout our 45 years serving people with eating disorders, we have seen and experienced amazing revelations, new relationships blossom, and the accomplishment of recovery. Learn more about Getting Involved here or:

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