Patient Advocacy + Education

Beginning eating disorder recovery can be overwhelming. There are so many different treatment options, phone numbers to call, questions to ask, and provider acronyms to decode. 

But ANAD is here to help! In addition to our helpline, treatment directory and support groups, we’ve created this page to help you navigate the beginning of your recovery and healing journey.


What To Know

Understanding the acronyms

When it comes to mental health and eating disorder treatment options, there are a lot of different provider acronyms out there! We’ve compiled a list of definitions to help you understand the different type of provider options available. 

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Preparing for an appointment

Talking with a medical provider can feel intimidating but knowing what to expect and preparing ahead of time can help you become your own advocate in a medical setting.

We highly recommend making a list of your concerns and questions prior to the appointment. Remember, it’s okay to ask questions and speak up during these appointments. This is your recovery!

For more tips and information on what to expect, check out this empowering blog post by ANAD Volunteer Allison Haener MSN, FNP-BC.

Learning the levels of care

Eating disorder treatment can be delivered in a variety of settings. You may find yourself or your loved one changing levels of care throughout the recovery journey. It is important to understand these treatment settings.

Remember: It's Okay To Speak Up!

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Listen to this empowering conversation with ANAD Peer Mentor and Licensed Social Worker Savannah who shares her tips for advocating for yourself. She also brings up several important questions to ask your providers at the first appointment! 

Additional Resources

Navigating Insurance

Our friends at Project HEAL have a tremendous insurance resource hub! Their Insurance Navigation Program helps individuals understand their often confusing insurance benefits and advocate to get their treatment covered.

Finding a provider

With over 375 eating disorder treatment providers and growing, the ANAD Eating Disorders Treatment Directory is designed to make finding a local provider easier than ever before! Visit the directory now to find a provider in your area. 

Navigating Virtual Care

An empowering series to help patients and caregivers understand and navigate available eating disorder treatment options in a growing virtual landscape. We hope this information will help connect those in need with options that honor their identities and meet their needs at every stage of recovery.

Your support makes a difference.

ANAD is a donation-based recovery community. We believe eating disorder support should be affordable and accessible to all. To continue offering our services for free to those who need it, we rely on donations from those who can afford them. Please consider supporting our mission.