ANAD Treatment Directory

You can use the search form in the sidebar to find treatment options in your area. You can use it to find nearby therapists, dietitians, treatment centers, support groups, dentists, physicians, psychiatrists, and yoga professionals who have experience helping people who are struggling with eating disorders. Please call our Helpline if you need more help finding treatment and support resources.

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The aim of this ANAD treatment directory is to provide individuals seeking help with an eating disorder the names of professionals who feel they can provide guidance and help to these individuals. Professional organizations are therefore included in this directory.

Although all due care is taken to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the information, ANAD and its agents are not responsible for the accuracy of the information or for any errors or omissions in this directory however caused or for any consequential loss or damage caused to third parties. Information is provided on the basis that all persons accessing this directory undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content.

Inclusion of any name or organization does not imply any endorsement by ANAD of any services or products of the names listed.

The names or organization listed in the directory have stated that:

  1. They have not engaged in discriminatory or illegal activity.
  2. They have expertise in the area of eating disorders.