… for every time I heard someone say “I can’t wait for things to go back to normal…” I’d be able to afford the amount of canned goods and Clorox wipes I’ve been buying. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve said it too and (not so) secretly still wish it. But the fact of the matter is, life post COVID-19 will never be “the same.” Ever.

And I get it, who is this chick coming up onto this blog saying such shockingly negative things? It seems harsh to say, and to hear, that there is no going back from this. Life as we knew it pre-pandemic is gone. AND it’s going to be okay. Knowing that life will never be the same and there is no more “normal” has actually given me immense solace in the face of chaos. Now let me explain…

Holding onto the knowledge that change occurs every single day has reminded me that there never has been a “normal.” Yes, there is routine and patterns that we become accustomed to over time which give us an illusion of normalcy, but if you take a minute to really think about the ins and outs of each day, nothing is the same; it never has been. Really take time to reflect on the pre-COVID nuances of each workday, each meal you ate, and each day you spent with loved ones. Was there ever a “normal?”

I was once told that change is the only constant in life. Not sure if it was my therapist, a podcast, or Instagram that imparted that bit of wisdom onto me, but regardless, it was in fact life changing. I historically hated change, just as most of us do. But once I realized that change is truly the only thing that we can depend on, my judgement towards it dissipated. Or at least subsided. When I’m feeling stressed, I know that will pass. When I’m feeling trapped or hopeless or paralyzed by anxiety, I remember that those feelings will shift; albeit painfully slow, the shift will occur. This change in perspective has never let me down. And I am not going to abandon that perspective now- a time in which I need it the most.

I have to believe that our current situation will change. I think back to 5 weeks ago, and even back to 24 hours ago, there has been notable change; I just had to look for it. So when you’re feeling trapped and backed up against the COVID wall, take a breath (preferably with a mask on ????) and tell yourself it’s going to be okay. That this is temporary. And maybe, just maybe, life after this is going to be much better than the “normal” we’ve all been craving.