Do ask me how I am feeling. Don’t comment on what I am wearing or how my body looks.

Do engage me in conversation about my goals and hobbies. Don’t walk on egg shells around me just because you know I may feel overwhelmed by the food that surrounds us.

Speaking of food,

DON’T ask me to eat more or less. And more so, DO keep any opinions you may have about anything I choose to consume to yourself.

Do understand that I may need to take breaks throughout our time together. Don’t try to guilt me into budging on my boundaries just because it’s a holiday.

Do encourage me not to isolate. Don\’t become upset if I need to step away from a conversation. Do know that I will return to that interaction once I have taken time for myself.

Do know that I am trying my very best. Don’t compare my very best to anyone else’s.

We\’re all just trying. My trying looks and feels different from yours. And that\’s okay. So, do know that I am grateful to whomever is taking time to read this. And don\’t ever feel afraid to ask for additional support!