Helpline Hero

Who are
Helpline Heroes?

Helpline Heroes are individuals who support ANAD programs with a monthly contribution of $8 or more.

Why $8 you may ask? Because it can change a life! That’s how much it costs to connect an ANAD helpline caller to a supportive volunteer, then put together a customized treatment referral based on their needs.


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Helpline Heroes is one of many ways to support ANAD programs and services. Visit Get Involved to learn more.

Founding Members

Danielle M.
Founding Member

ANAD’s mission to provide support, education, and relief to individuals struggling with disordered eating and/or body image is one worth recognition and immense support. From their helpline, to peer support groups, to recovery mentorship, their interventions are invaluable to those affected.

Elisha T.
Founding Member

Have suffered from an ED for over 4o years! I’m finally in recovery now working very hard. I have mentored woman and if I can pay it forward and help at least one person on suffering or in recovery I will do it! So donating is my way of helping and paying it forward ☺️

Jennifer H.
Founding Member

My son is currently trying to heal from his eating disorder. As someone who is also in recovery (alcohol) I know how important a solid support group is. 

Marleen F.
Founding Member

The support groups and mentoring program has been an invaluable part of my recovery journey and since ANAD is a non-profit I recognize the need for funding to help offset operational costs. ANAD has given SO MUCH to me, I want to give back in any way I could.