The Eating Disorder Helpline is one of ANAD’s newer programs, and is now a fundamental support program to our organization.

It can be overwhelming and scary when you or a loved one has an eating disorder. Reaching out for help is the first and most important step to recovery, and being able to reach out with a phone call or email in order to get more information and support is an incredible resource.

As a Helpline volunteer, you will receive the following:

  • Enrollment in the ANAD Online Video Certification Training for Helpline Volunteers
  • Access to ANAD staff for any questions and/or concerns you have during and after  your Helpline shifts to ensure that you are helping callers appropriately and to the best of your ability
  • Regular newsletters from ANAD with new information for how to handle ANAD helpline calls, tips for how to be a better Helpline volunteer, articles by other ANAD Helpline volunteers sharing how they manage calls
  • Invites to online video Q&As with ANAD staff, eating disorder professionals and other Helpline volunteers discussing the challenges they have faced while being a helpline volunteer, and opening the discussion for any questions you have
Phones ready to call the ANAD Helpline

ANAD does require that Recovery Mentors are AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE and have been recovered and eating disorder behavior free for two years.

Apply To Be An ANAD Helpline Volunteer