School Educator Training

About: This training is developed to help school educators learn how to talk more positively about body image and how to identify a student with a possible eating disorder, as well as teach school educators how to enact policies at their school for how to help a student that is exhibiting eating disorder behavior.

Why this training is important: School educators sometimes are not aware of how much of an impact their own attitudes, thoughts and opinions about weight, health, and body image can impact their students. Also, school educators see students every day and are likely to notice an abrupt change in a student’s physical body and personality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the physical symptoms and verbal cues for eating disorders
  • Learn how your comments about weight, health and body image in the classroom may be negatively affecting your students
  • How to talk positively about weight and health in the classroom
  • Create a policy for your school outlining the appropriate steps in helping a student that you think has an eating disorder including who to notify and when
  • Where to direct a patient with an eating disorder for more resources and professional help