Online Video Training/Resources

Successful volunteers and trained and aware professionals means more success for people in eating disorder recovery. 

ANAD doesn’t just offer support to people who are in eating disorder recovery. ANAD also supports its volunteers and medical and educational professionals who share ANAD’s mission.

In order to make sure that ANAD volunteers and medical and educational professionals are successful in spreading ANAD’s mission, ANAD is developing several online video certification trainings:

  • To help physicians, dentists, and school educators spot eating disorders and properly direct people they recognize with eating disorders to proper resources.
  • To help ANAD volunteers get their service with ANAD off to a good start by teaching them the skills and giving them the tools they’ll need to be the best and most effective volunteer they can.

ANAD gets many passionate requests to be an ANAD volunteer and to support ANAD’s mission in their medical practice, dental office, or classroom. We hope that the trainings we are currently developing help expand our network of help and support to people in eating disorder recovery.

The trainings below are currently in development. All ANAD volunteers will be automatically enrolled in the appropriate training after their application is approved and accepted.