Social Media

Positive Instagrams Accounts

libbyshappyproject –  body positive illustrator

bodypositivepear – Sarah Frances Young – remission from atypical anorexia — her Instagram account is dedicated to spreading “positive vibes and tips for ED recovery

nerdabouttown – plus size body positivity influencer

gracefvictory -plus size body positivity influencer 

morganharpernichols – instagram poet

selfloveclubb – a mental health/body positivity influencer 

allisonkimmey – an instagrammer who talks about getting off the yo-yo dieting culture

calliethorpe // theconfidencecorner – self love influencer

hi.ur.beautiful – body positivity quotes 

i_weigh – Jameela Jamil’s body positivity account

katiesturino – an influencer who calls out brands to be more size inclusive

saggysara – an instagram dedicating to calling out the “instagram vs reality” factor

chessiekingg – body positivity influencer

bodyposipanda – body positivity influencer

celestebarber – an instagram comedian who uses humor to tackle body positivity

effyourbeautystandards – an instagram run collective for body positivity 

iskra – body positivity influencer / model

lindseyhallwrites – eating disorder and PCOS speaker

beating_eatingdisorders – eating disorder recovery inspiration 

recovrywarriors – an instagram for people recovering from eating disorders 

healthyisthenewskinny – an influencer dedicated to “choosing health over the beauty ideal”