Get Body Positive!

Use these activities to change the way you see yourself and others!

  • Who Do You Admire? – Submitted by Jen Petro-Roy, ANAD Ambassador
    • Think about three people in your life who you admire, respect, or love. They could be family members, colleagues, friends, or even celebrities. Next, ponder why you admire these individuals. What is it that they do that helps the world? Do they make you laugh? Think? Are they activists or politicians? Have they made a scientific breakthrough or written a book that’s changed your life? Make a list of why you respect these people and then look it over. Do any of these qualities have to do with their bodies? Probably not. So if their appearance isn’t why you
      respect these people, don’t you think others feel the same way about you?
  • Check your Self-Talk!
    • The way we speak to ourselves matters. A LOT. If you tell yourself negative things, you’ll start to believe them. That’s why it’s important to notice when you are speaking negatively to yourself, and re-frame the words. For example, ‘This is so hard’ can become ‘I can do hard things!’
    • Practice re-framing when negative talk creeps in
  • List Some Affirmations
    • Write down things you love about yourself! If you notice yourself engaging in negative self-talk, read your list.