Treatment Options for Athletes

Specialized Programs

At The Victory Program at McCallum Place, we are as passionate about your health as you are about your sport. The Victory Program provides eating disorder treatment to help athletes overcome eating disorders while significantly improving physical and psychological health for maximum performance and emotional well-being.

We know that sport performance is of paramount importance to serious athletes. For that reason, the athlete’s performance is not avoided or forgotten in treatment; rather, it is interwoven into eating disorder treatment. We do not believe that the athlete’s health and treatment should ever be subordinated to sport. At the same time, we do not believe that performance has to be ignored in effective treatment. In fact, it can be an important part of eating disorder treatment that can be used to motivate the athlete-patient.

Victory Program staff members are not only aware of the psychological issues related to enhanced sport performance, they are equipped to assist program athlete-patients in learning and using such strategies and techniques to enhance sport performance. The fact that this type of skills training is included in treatment is simply another example of how the Victory Program is different from traditional eating disorder treatment programs. Thus, when returning to competition, the individual is not only healthier physically and psychologically, but is better equipped to perform.

Walden’s GOALS Intensive Outpatient Program is built specifically for adult athletes (18+) who need guidance on how best to optimize the balance between nutritional needs and performance goals.

Mission: To equip athletes with the mental and nutritional skills to achieve their full athletic potential and sustain a positive mindset.

Expert Team: Our multidisciplinary team of experts includes counselors, sport psychologists, dietitians, and exercise science professionals. As experienced athletes and licensed professionals, they understand the unique challenges, requirements and high demands of competitive sports.