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Get Informed at ANAD

If you’re interested in learning more about eating disorders and body image, ANAD has the resources you need to get informed. ANAD is the leading nonprofit in the U.S. providing free, peer support to anyone struggling with an eating disorder. From our eating disorder statistics to our blog and webinars, there are so many ways to get informed at ANAD!

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Eating Disorder Statistics

Eating disorders affect people of every age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation and background. Learn more about the populations affected—including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities and people in larger bodies—in ANAD’s eating disorder statistics.

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Eating Disorder Types and Symptoms

Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating are among the deadliest mental illnesses in the United States. Learn more about the various types and symptoms of eating disorders.

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Common Warning Signs

Do you spend so much time in your waking hours thinking about weight, body image, and food that it interferes with your happiness, relationships with friends and family, or daily functioning? Learn more about the common warning signs that could indicate an eating disorder.

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Body Image

If you are struggling with body image or body dysmorphia, ANAD is here to help. Learn more about body image and how it relates to eating disorders and overall mental health.

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Athletes with Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are common among athletes and can often go unnoticed. Learn more about how athletes are uniquely affected by eating disorders as well as the resources and treatment options that are available.

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Our blog is updated weekly with inspiring, eating disorder recovery stories and insight from our treatment center partners and other mental health professionals.

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ANAD partners with treatment centers and eating disorder professionals to educate our community about various aspects of eating disorders. Our webinar topics include weight stigma, men with eating disorders, gender-inclusive residential care, and treating BIPOC and LGBTQ+ populations.

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ANAD Approach Guides

Our series of ANAD Approach Guides are designed to educate and “guide” our community on a wide range of topics, such as caregiving, pregnancy, binge eating, and navigating life after treatment.

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Eating Disorder Book Recommendations

ANAD’s eating disorder book recommendations are curated to educate, motivate and inspire anyone affected by an eating disorder. Many of these books are written by our board, staff and clinical consultants.

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Eating Disorder Screening Tool

This short screening — appropriate for ages 13 and up — can help determine if it’s time to seek professional help.

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