Download the Grocery Buddies Guide

The ANAD Grocery Buddies Support Service is a training guide that will teach a friend, family member, or other loved one (the Grocery Buddy) to support someone in recovery from an eating disorder as they work towards their recovery goals.

ANAD does not match Buddies with Shoppers, but encourages people to practice asking their loved ones for help, or taking the initiative to train on behalf of someone they know. 

Focused on grocery shopping, this training teaches the buddy to provide encouragement, accountability, and love to their shopper as that person works to ensure their food choices are on track.


Grocery Buddies Will:

  • Help the shopper anticipate and plan out the grocery trip
  • Go to the grocery store with the shopper to help pick out groceries
  • Provide support to the shopper through any moments of anxiety

Whether you want to provide additional help to someone you love, or are hoping someone in your life will train on your behalf, Grocery Buddies is for you. Fill out our brief application, and we’ll send the PDF to your inbox.

Be a Buddy for Someone You Love


Ask Someone You Love to be Your Buddy

Please allow up to an hour for Grocery Buddies to arrive in your inbox. If you experience any trouble, please email .