Georgetown University

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Georgetown University

1225 37th St NW
Washington   20007


Eating Disorder Screening

Currently Not Available

Counseling Center Therapist

Megan Hanlon, Eating Disorder Specialist, Counseling & Psychiatric Services

ADDRESS: Georgetown University Counseling & Mental Health, 1225 37th St NW, Washington, DC 20007
PHONE: 202-687-6985

Counseling Center Support / Therapy Group

Currently Not Available

On-Campus Dietitian / Nutritionist

Carol Day, Nutrition Specialist through  Student Health Education Services

On-Campus Medical Staff

Roanna Kessler, M.D., Physician at Student Health Center

On-Campus Eating Disorder Outreach Programs

Student Health Education Services provides consultations, and education about eating disorders and body image. Carol Day, Director, Health Education Services

Programming for Athletes

The Cooper Athletics Leadership Program will provide short term counseling on sports psychology to support student athletes.

PHONE:  Please contact Georgetown Athletics for more information at: (202) 687 – 0728

Research Labs

Currently Not Available

University Eating Disorder Program

Currently Not Available

ANAD Services

On Campus, In-Person Support Group:
Currently Not Available

Nearby, In-Person Support Group:
Currently Not Available

ANAD Recovery Mentorship Program
ANAD Helpline
ANAD Online Support Group
ANAD YouTube Recovery Channel