Hey, remember me?! I’m that pissed off gal from a few posts ago who was raised to believe that bread and cheese were the enemy!? I mean, if that doesn’t ring any bells, head over to https://staging2.seanm205.sg-host.com//blog/step-aside-ww-we-wont-let-you-win/ to get caught up!

“Kurbo”, for those of you who don’t know, is the name of the harmful and ill-informed app developed by Weight Watchers to track the weight loss of kids and teens. Since my post and hundreds like it hit the web, the word of Weight Watchers glamorizing diets for children has spread like wildfire. I love that in just a few weeks’ time, we have gotten to a point where if you simply Google the word “Kurbo”, the first things you see are those hundreds of posts explaining how harmful this app really is.

All good stuff… right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good backlash and “stick it to the man” moment, but ever since writing that last post I have had major writer’s block. Angry writing is mentally exhausting. Cathartic, yes. But tiring. That exhaustion, compounded with the toll it took on my spirit to have downloaded that app and expose myself to the shame and ignorance that fuels its very function, really has done a number on me.

So, I got to thinking about what I would write next and finally it came to me. Well, YOU ALL came to me. I had gotten so many responses from my last post from enraged parents, heart broken teachers, therapists, aunts, uncles, grandparents, you name it- if they had a kid in their life, they had something to say. Naturally, my mind began to wander and decided to make this post for them and by them!

I hopped back into researcher mode (sans the whole downloading a demoralizing app thing, of course) and I asked those people as enraged at Weight Watchers as I was, what it is they do to celebrate the kiddos in their lives? How do they show love and appreciation for the tiny souls that keep the world going ‘round?

First, of all THANK YOU to anyone who helped bring this post to fruition.

And so, without any further ado, here are some of the way we show our kids we care!

“We like to go out on mommy/daughter or daddy/daughter dates to the movies and pool.”

“I send my sisters motivational or inspirational pictures or quotes.”

“I tell them often how amazing they are.”

“I try and show them by being there for them, supporting them, and setting boundaries.”

“I have dance parties with them. Baby Shark on repeat!”

“We sit up and talk at night.”

“I celebrate all their differences that make them who they are.”

“I ask them about their day.”

“I let them pick out their own outfits… most of the time!”

“I try to catch them being nice to their sister and following directions without whining, helping with chores without being asked, and flushing the toilet.”

“I praise the hell out of them… high fives, hugs, dancing, etc.”

“I also make sure to ask them the best and worst parts of their days to find ways to connect and explore what their dealing with.”

“I bounce on the trampoline with them.”

“I never leave the house without saying I love you.\”

My heart could explode reading all of those and I\’m sure you understand why I chose to do this. Not even one of those responses had anything to do with a child’s BMI or food choices. They weren’t about praising kids for choosing carrots over a cupcake or for how much or how little they exercise. And they sure as hell did not endorse any of the nonsense that Weight Watchers is trying to sell to families.

Those responses were everything that 8-year-old little girl just trying to eat her cheese and bread in peace, needed to hear instead. I would’ve given anything to have received an inspirational quote, been able to wear what I felt comfortable in, been told it was okay to be different, dance around in my living room, and be high fived for flushing the damn toilet!

And so, go forth and continue to think about how it is you celebrate the future generations in your life. Think about what you say and what you do. And most importantly, in my opinion, how you treat yourself. Truly, the best way to teach those kiddos how to love themselves, is to unapologetically love yourself.

So, to everyone who contributed to this post, thank you again! Y’all are rock stars. If you didn’t get a chance to share, comment below with some of the ways you celebrate the kids in your life!