We all know\"binge-tee\" how it goes, you walk into your local Target for “one thing” and within the first five minutes of walking through those beautiful red doors of happiness, you have already hit up the dollar section, looked at every single greeting card they sell, and are now being sucked into the clothing department. Come on, who can resist clearance prices? Not me!

So recently I was on my weekly trip to the retail wonderland that is Target and ran into the shirt pictured below. “BINGE SLEEP REPEAT”. Now being in recovery from my own eating disorder and having struggled with binging and purging behaviors for years, I was deeply offended by what I was seeing. If it had been 5 years ago, seeing a message like that being advertised would have done nothing but validated my nagging eating disorder voice and made recovery that much more difficult.

I am lucky enough to be in a strong point in my own recovery to where seeing that shirt infuriated me rather than triggered me. But I worry about those in recovery or the loved one’s of those in recovery seeing this shirt and having their struggles being objectified, minimized, and sold as trendy and profitable. And as I said in my post below, I do not care what the intentions behind the shirt were. (Quick shoutout to all those people who told me to “calm down” or “it’s just referring to binging on TV shows.”)  The light-hearted nature in which this message is being presented is deplorable. I will not “calm down,” nor stop until the ignorance of eating disorders within our society is diminished. Luckily, enough people were upset about this shirt and Target ended up removing it from in store and online sales, but still we have a long fight ahead of us if we never want to see something like this on our shelves again. I posted my thoughts on this t-shirt to my own Facebook page.

I’m in the fight for the long haul, who’s with me?

Written and contributed by Megan Rose.