Live Discussion

Advancing the Conversation: OCD & Eating Disorders

When: October 6th, 2023 at 1:00 PM ET
Where: Zoom 

Join us on October 6th when mental health advocate Kyle King and our very own Jason Wood discuss their personal experiences with the comorbidity of an eating disorder and OCD.

Kyle is a rising senior at Yale with a deep passion for mental health advocacy. He first began advocacy with the International OCD Foundation in eighth grade after being diagnosed with OCD himself. After learning how to manage his own OCD, Kyle became one of the first National Advocates with the International OCD Foundation and, in 2022, received the Hero Award for his dedication to this community. In addition to OCD, Kyle was diagnosed with and battled anorexia in the 11th grade and hopes to promote dialogue about this important comorbidity.

Community Event

Pumpkins & Peers

When: October 18th, 2023 at 8:00 PM ET
Where: Zoom 

We’ve invited several of our amazing peer volunteers for a conversation on the power of peer support.

This event is part of our first-ever fall festival celebrating the theme of self-care. One way we can care for ourselves is to gather as a community and have some fun! Which is why we encourage you to bring a small pumpkin to paint or carve during the event!

Eating Disorder Awareness Week Event

ANAD Presents This Is My Brave

When: February 27, 2024 at 7:00 PM CT
Where: Northwestern University & Streaming Online

ANAD Presents This Is My Brave – The Show will be live on stage at Northwestern University and live streaming online during Eating Disorder Awareness Week. This hybrid event will feature individuals sharing their lived experience with an eating disorder both in-person and via pre-recorded performance.

ANAD is excited to partner with This Is My Brave to empower individuals to put their names and faces on their personal stories of healing from eating disorders in order to inspire others to speak openly about their experiences as well.

Regular Series

Yoga + Recovery Chats with Eat Breathe Thrive

When: November 27, 2023 at 11:00 AM ET
Where: Zoom Webinar

Join ANAD and Eat Breathe Thrive for Yoga + Recovery Chats. Yoga + Recovery Chats is a free joint community event brought to you by two leading nonprofit organizations working to help people recover from eating disorders. Recovery is possible. And we believe yoga and community support make all the difference. Bring your curiosity, compassion, and yoga mat.

Previous Panel Discussion

Men's Health Month Panel

In recognition of Men’s Health Month, ANAD and Within partnered for an in-depth discussion on eating disorders in men. Men face unique challenges when it comes to the stigma around mental health and the stereotypes around masculinity. Our panel of professionals and individuals with lived experience explored these topics while discussing ways to help men get the help they deserve. 

Body Image & Eating Disorders in Asian Culture Promo

Previous Instagram Live

Body Image & Eating Disorders in Asian Culture

Stephanie Ng founded Body Banter after realizing the powerful role discussion and advocacy played in her own eating disorder recovery journey. Now, she is empowering youth voices in Hong Kong while encouraging conversations about body image and mental health. 

This conversation covers the stigma and the unique challenges to body image and mental health in Asian culture as well as how linguistics play a role in enabling people to seek the help they deserve.

Previous Webinar

Is Exercise Recommended for Eating Disorder Recovery: A Discussion

Join ANAD and Montecatini held a discussion on the role of exercise in eating disorder treatment and recovery. ANAD’s Executive Director Kristen Portland joined Adrianne DeRosa C.S.C.S. – Exercise Physiologist, Kelly Hee, LCSW, CEDS – Primary Therapist, and Leah Morgan, RD, CEDRD – Director of Nutrition and Wellness for a multidisciplinary look at the importance of integrating the safe exploration of exercise, within eating disorder recovery, for all patients, not just those returning to sport. 

Previous Instagram Live

Autism & Eating Disorders

Livia Sarah turned her experience with an eating disorder and autism into a mission to break the stigmas around mental health and inspire acceptance of the neurodivergent community.

In recognition of Autism Acceptance Month, she joined ANAD for an educational and inspirational conversation aimed at bridging the gap between autism and eating disorders.

Previous Panel Discussion

Eating Disorders in Athletes

ANAD, Morgan’s Message, EDCare teamed to host a virtual panel discussion around eating disorders in athletes. A winning panel of current and former athletes shared their experiences with an eating disorder while Linda Steinhardt, MS, RD from EDCare’s Athlete EDGE Program joined the panel to discuss what to look for when it comes to eating concerns in athletes and the help that is available. 

Previous Insta Live

Insta Live with Chris Henrie

Watch Chris Henrie and ANAD’s new Marketing & Communications Manager Jason Wood share the male perspective of eating disorders and recovery while discussing what we can do to help reach men in need. The conversation also highlight Eating Recovery Center’s new men’s support group.

Chris Henrie has become a well-known and outspoken advocate for eating disorder awareness. With an online following of more than half 1 million, Henrie strives to use his platform to provide a space where inclusivity and support are at the forefront. Henrie’s work has been featured on numerous media outlets, such as Good Morning America, Teen Vogue, and Scholastic Choices Magazine. Chris has been honored to represent both men and the LGBTQ+ community in conversations surrounding mental health where their voices aren’t always heard.

Previous Insta Live

Insta Live with Annie Weisman

Watch as Annie Weisman receives the ANAD Award for Visibility!

Ms. Weisman is a TV/film producer whose credits include Physical with Rose Byrne, About a Boy, Desperate Housewives, and Suburgatory.

ANAD is grateful to our Insta Live with Annie Weisman sponsor:

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Previous Insta Live

Insta Live with Patrick Devenny

This Insta Live was sponsored by EDCare. Watch as ANAD presents Patrick with our 45th Anniversary Award for Advocacy.

About Patrick: “My name is Patrick Devenny and I am a former football player, mental health advocate and recovering bulimic. I specialize in helping cut through the BS of what sounds good vs. what males will actually hear and relate to.”

ANAD is grateful to our Insta Live with Patrick Devenny sponsor:

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