Other Ways to Give to ANAD

If any of these strategies seem right for you, pick up the phone and give us a call! We love hearing from people who are as passionate as we are about ANAD and the work we do in our communities.


Estate Planning

If our mission resonates with you, consider providing a legacy of compassion. When you make a commitment to ANAD through your will or other planned gift, you will be contributing to the wellness of your community for future generations. Our EIN is 36-2938021.

Gifts of Investment Securities

You may find yourself holding onto stocks or bonds that you cannot sell because of the resulting tax consequences. Conventional wisdom has told you to hand on to these securities until you pass away and let your heirs receive the ‘step-up’ in the cost basis to avoid the tax. However, there is another way! If you gift the stocks or bonds to a qualified charity, like ANAD, you may be able to deduct the whole appreciated value without ever having to realize the capital gain. There are some specific eligibility requirements regarding how long you must hold the securities so we recommend working with a financial advisor or tax professional to ensure this is done correctly.

IRA Gifts

With the significant changes in US tax laws for the 2018 tax year, charities are feeling the effects of fewer donations. Thankfully, as Ed Slott (the foremost IRAs expert) points out in this article that the Qualified Charitable Distribution (eligibility rules apply) remains a powerful tool for both giving to charity and reducing your taxable income. Since the IRA distribution is sent directly to a qualified charity, you never get taxed on the withdrawal and you can still claim the standard deduction if that is what is appropriate for your tax situation. Work with your qualified investment professional or CPA to determine if a compassionate distribution to ANAD is right for you.