“Secrets secrets are no fun; secrets secrets hurt someone.” This could not be anymore true when it comes to eating disorders. These pesky persistent disorders convince anyone they touch that their secret is best kept from the world. I know what it was like to have that dirty little secret. And though that secret may have helped me through some of the hardest times in my life, that secret could very well have ended it. I thank the universe every single day for the bravery I had to spill my secret and ask for help.

But as a counselor, advocate, and empath, I know firsthand that there are still so many people holding onto that secret. Yes, that eating disorder may make you feel forced into keeping its secret, but in my eyes, society isn’t necessarily doing much to convince those who are struggling to share it.

\"recoveryI wore my #RecoveryTee for the first time today and within a matter of 10 short hours, I witnessed the beginnings of change. I had friends, family, and complete strangers ask me what my shirt meant. I wore my recovery proud, answered endless questions, and with each ho
nest conversation I had with someone, the shame, secrecy, and stigma of eating disorders began to dissipate. I even posted this picture to my personal social media platforms and encouraged my friends and followers to ask me about my eating disorder!

Mental health in general carries an enormous stigma, and once combined with the unfortunate societal lack of eating disorder awareness and education, a perfect storm for that secret
to take over is created. Sharing my story was key to my recovery and getting me to the place of strength and resilience I am at today.

Not only that, but just seeing that my #RecoveryTee helped one individual as they faced a rough day in recovery, wh\"recoveryich not only plastered a massive smile on my face, but just further validated why I fight so hard for people to realize that recovery is worth the fight! So join me in this battle! Ask questions. Share your story. Make a loved one who is struggling feel comfortable with confiding in you. Together, we can scare those secrets away and win the fight over eating disorders!

Written and contributed by Megan Rose.