Use Grit To Achieve Your Goals:

An Eating Disorder Pioneer’s Steps to 30+ Years of Full Recovery

Webinar Overview

An Eating Disorder Pioneer’s Steps to 30+ Years of Full Recovery

Speaker: Caroline Miller, MAPP


Duration: 90 minutes, including Q&A

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For three decades, Caroline has been a pioneer with her groundbreaking work in the areas of goal setting, grit, happiness and success. She is recognized as one of the world’s leading positive psychology experts on this research and how it can be applied to one’s life for maximum transformation and growth. Caroline has firsthand experience achieving hard goals—she used “grit” to help overcome her personal battle with bulimia, and today she has more than three decades of unbroken recovery.

In this webinar recording, Caroline draws upon her own experience, as well as her professional research on positive psychology, to share her keys to eating disorder recovery. Through her stories and examples, webinar viewers will learn how to use grit to overcome eating disorder recovery setbacks. Participants will also learn how to use evidence-backed strategies for sustainable eating disorder recovery. Caroline has a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. She is the author of six books, including Positively Caroline (Cogent 2013), Getting Grit (Sounds True 2017) and Creating Your Best Life (Sterling 2009).

Learning Objectives

  • Explore evidence-based positive psychology strategies for sustainable eating disorder recovery (Strengths Finder, Goal Setting, “Best Possible Future Self” exercise, and other concepts)
  • Describe how grit can be helpful for recovery relapses (regardless of mental illness)
  • Discuss how to establish a positive “web of influence” and avoid the most common mistakes that derail progress