\"well-eating-disorder-master768\"Down, Tiger.

For reals.

People have been living with eating disorders before this film, and they\’ll be living with eating disorders after this film, even though I really really wish that wasn\’t the case. I really wish that there was some crazy large black hole that would suck up all of the eating disorders away from all of us humans, but nature does not seem to be granting my wish right now. Nor will be anytime soon. Curse you, nature.

Also, Truth be told, we, at ANAD, haven’t watched it yet, because we’ve been extremely busy putting together an AMAZING ANAD 2017 Conference that we would love for you to know more about and, of course, attend!

BUT we will watch TO THE BONE soon! And share our thoughts and create a viewing guide that will hopefully help those in recovery and their family, friends, and loved ones learn how to have a good conversation about eating disorders after watching the film.

IN THE MEANTIME, ANAD would love to know your thoughts on the film if you’ve seen it. We know that this film can be triggering for someone currently in recovery, SO we are NOT asking you to watch the film if you feel it would be triggering. We would like to hear from those who have felt it was safe for them to watch the film.

If you did watch the film and it triggered you, please let us know that too so that we can write a good section of the viewing guide about how the film can be triggering as well as how to help yourself if you feel triggered. Please fill out this form  letting us know your thoughts! We’re going to incorporate what you share with us into ANAD\’s viewing guide.

Thank you, Recovery Community!

Laura Zinger, ANAD\’s Executive Director