Guide Series Introduction by
Melissa Geraghty, Psy.D.

ANAD’s aim is to support the eating disorder community through compassionate action. We strive to provide people with eating disorders, their families, and healthcare professionals a place that has an abundance of useful information. Herein enters The ANAD APPROACH.

The ANAD APPROACH is based on how we at ANAD structure our supportive information to ensure that everyone impacted with an eating disorder receives support throughout the recovery journey. We believe in a comprehensive approach to eating disorder treatment and recovery, and we outline this in our APPROACH .

The ANAD APPROACH Series was born out of our desire to provide educational booklets for those impacted by eating disorders as well as healthcare professionals. This series consists of a multitude of booklets designed to provide information on the world of eating disorders, with additional booklets being added over time.

We truly hope you find this information beneficial. We are honored to be part of your recovery.

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The ANAD Approach

Working to heal the eating disorder community through compassionate action 


At ANAD, we believe in a comprehensive APPROACH to eating disorder treatment and recovery: 

Acceptance of everyBODY

Accept yourself, accept others. Every individual is unique and beautiful, yourself included. 

Prioritize self-care 

Learning to engage in self-care is not selfish. It is self-preservation, an act of love towards your body and mind. Give yourself permission to engage in self-care.

Parents, spouses, loved ones

Don’t go it alone. Support dramatically improves recovery, buffers stress, and enhances the quality of life and well-being. Accept love and support, as well as give love and support.


Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible, but it takes time. Have patience with yourself.


Effective treatment often requires a spectrum of treatment options. ANAD provides an array of free services, consistently explores new ideas and innovative approaches, and provides the opportunities for people to share and learn from others who have recovered.


We believe posttreatment support is crucial. Strengthen your eating disorder recovery by participating in ANAD’s many programs.

Compassionate care

Having an eating disorder is not a choice. Eating disorders are complex, serious, biologically-based illnesses. Let’s move away from shame and blame. You are not a diagnosis, a disease, or a disorder, but rather a human being that deserves respect and understanding.

Hope, help, healing

Walking alongside you in your journey, ANAD can help you transform your life. It is our honor to support you through your recovery.