\"victoria-2\"When you spend over a decade fighting a battle that can destroy you mentally, physically and emotionally it\’s hard to sometimes find sparks of light trying to get through the cracks. Even though there is a physical component the toughest challenge was overcoming the one raging inside that no one could see. Everyday I faced challenges and one of the few things that got me through it was my belief that there has to be more to life than all this  suffering and sadness. That my life could not just be a culmination of feeling miserable and sorry for myself while fighting for my life, and that\’s what my life amounts to.

Deep down I knew there had to me more and there had to be a reason for all this and one day it would all make sense. And that day came when I was able to join ANAD at their conference this year and speak on their Recovery is Real panel. To share my story, my struggles and my victories allowed those once small cracks to finally fall away and shine light on the bigger purpose that is my life. While also sharing the stage with so many other strong and beautiful souls helped me see the real truth behind no two stories are alike, and that even though we all struggled in different ways the deeper message was the same – you\’re not alone. We all get to the finish line at different times and recovery and healing is no walk in the park either, but what matters is sharing who you are and what you\’ve gone through.

Breaking away from the fear of this disease and taking back control and power of our own lives and bodies. This experience has inspired me to want to pursue more opportunities to speak out and change the way people think about eating disorders and what they \”should\” look like. As my own personal story has unfolded I can finally start to see my path laid out before me and I\’m so grateful for my experience with ANAD and having the opportunity to step forward and support. It\’s something I will cherish forever and something I hope to get to do again many, many more times in the future.

Written By Victoria Magnus