\"krista\"This past October I was given the chance to attend the ANAD Conference as  a recovered anorexic, as well as a speaker on the ‘Recovery is Real’ panel. My expectations for the event were pretty high seeing as this was my first national event of this type. It lived up to that high standard and well surpassed it.

The “Recovery is Real” panel was made up of a very diverse, very inclusive bunch of folks taking questions from people in the audience (it was made up of people from all three tracks). It afforded me the chance to be very honest about what my recovery looked like and what my life looks like today. I had two goals in mind when I decided to participate; one, that maybe something I said could help end somebody else’s struggle and put them on track to recovery and two, I wanted to give a voice on the national level to all the LGBTQ+ folks out there who suffer in shame and silence.

ANAD stands apart from the rest by making a conscious effort to make their message one of  inclusivity. They really try to show the world that eating disorders DO affect anyone and everyone, giving voices and platforms to those who might never have been heard. ANAD is truly an organization for the people, by the people. I am honored to have been a part of their 2017 National Conference and look forward to future collaborations.

Written by Krista Sturgeon