I watch myself in the mirror, looking down from head to toe.

I see imperfections, but they are small and insignificant.

I look into the mirror once more,

I see a person, who is neither slight nor heavy framed.

Wide hips, a large chest, a soft and squishy stomach, and a bottom to match;

What were all these flaws I was so fearful of?

Each mirror I look into, I see a different person

A different body.

One that I should be proud of, one that should function the way all bodies should.

It doesn\’t matter whether I think I have high, flat hips, and seemingly large and broad shoulders.

It doesn\’t change a thing about who I am, and what I live for.

Everyone sees my body differently

And I have to trust them when they say

That these perceived “flaws” do not exist.

And that even if they did, it doesn’t change the fact that I am still loved.

All my attributes and all my flaws are what allow me to be me.

A poem by Chloe Edwards