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Eating disorder recovery is possible. ANAD is here to help.

At least 10% of the population are struggling with an eating disorder, disordered eating, and or body image. For 45 years, ANAD (National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders) has been here to help. We are the leading nonprofit in the U.S. providing free support services to anyone struggling with an eating disorder, disordered eating, and body image.

Call our toll-free helpline:


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ANAD’s free, eating disorders Helpline is available to provide emotional support and referrals. Our Helpline hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm CST.

If you are in crisis, The National Suicide Hotline is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and is staffed by trained professionals. Call them at 1-800-273-8255.

ANAD has been an instrumental piece of my recovery journey. ANAD’s Support groups have been a lifeline for me. Whether online or in person, knowing that I can talk to others in the same situation gives me the resolve to keep going. I can’t thank ANAD enough for the difference they have made for me.

NicoleANAD Beneficiary

Upcoming Events and Webinars

ANAD’s webinars provide professional insight on a range of topics relating to eating disorders and body image, including telehealth, weight stigma, and gender-inclusive care.

Our latest series of Insta Live events are listed on our Events page where you can register for upcoming events and watch archived talks.

Upcoming: Recovery In Mid-Life: A Conversation with Betsy Brenner and Kate Arvesen

Join us June 29, 2022, at 7 pm CT for our next webinar.

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Who We Are: Our Mission to Provide Free Support Services

ANAD’s mission of providing free support is critical. Our services include our Helpline, support groups, and mentorship program. Learn more in our new video!

Due to the pandemic, people are experiencing more anxiety and food-related triggers, whether or not they’ve had a history of an eating disorder. Accessing professional treatment has also become more challenging. Together with our volunteers and professional partners, we support thousands every year, and hope to further expand our services by 45% over the next year. Your year-end donation will help make this goal achievable.

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Becoming a peer support mentor was one of the most meaningful choices I have ever made in my life. My deep and immediate connection with my mentee began a journey that is leading to a lifelong friendship. I am so grateful that ANAD brought us together.

ChrisANAD Volunteer

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